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This database contains several Lührs family lines that originated in the north-eastern part of the German state of Lower Saxony (Stadt Niedersachsen) principally between the rivers Weser and Elbe. The contributors to the Luhrs Family Associations project are using the word associations in the sense of relationships rather than organizations. The LuhrsFA database is provided for all those interested in Lührs genealogy as a medium for the exchange of information, or -- hopefully -- to find associations between their lines and ours. 

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child Introduction to the Lührs Family Associations Project
child Database of Lührs Family Associations             Concept of a Lührs Progenitor
       child 2. i. [Father of Langwedel/Walle] LÜERS.     ________    Additional Langwedel/Walle Info
                                        Information provided by Vic Berecz and Joan Luhrs Berecz
       child 3. ii. [Father of Loxstedt] LÜHRS.  Updated   ________    Additional Loxstedt Info
                                        Information provided by Marjorie J. Luhrs
       child 4. iii. [Father of Marschkamp/Ottersberg] LÜERS.
                                        Information provided by Rich Luhrs  [Not an active contributor]
       child 5. iv. [Father of Osterbruch] LÜHRS.   ________    Additional Osterbruch Info
                                        Information provided by Tom Luhrs
       child 6. v. [Father of Osterende] LÜHRS.
       child 7. vi. [Father of Schnepke] LÜERS.
       child 8. vii. [Father of Soltau] LÜERS.  Updated   ________    Additional Soltau Info  Updated
                                        Information provided by Judith Gray
       child 9. viii. [Father of Stotel/Geestemunde] LÜERS.
                                        Information provided by George A. Luhrs
       child 10. ix. [Father of Wilhelmshaven] LÜHRS.
                                        Information provided by Paulo H. Luhrs  [Not an active contributor]
       child 11. x. [Father of Wischhafen] LÜHRS.   ________   Additional Wischhafen Info
                                        Information provided by Bruce H. Luhrs

child Index of All Names in the Database

child Lührs-Related Place Names and other Occurences of the Name Lührs  Updated
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Introduction to the Project

Annotated 1832 map of Hannover and Oldenburg.

The map above shows the portion of Germany under consideration. It is taken from an 1832 map titled "The Kingdom of Hannover with the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg." It conforms to the boundaries established by the Treaty of Paris of 1815. Shown are the Duchy of Bremen, Duchy of Verden, and part of the Duchy of Luneberg, which are all a part of Hannover. Also shown is the eastern part of the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg, and the Hanseatic Free Cities of Bremen and Hamburg. Cities and towns shown on the original map that have special relevance to this website have been highlighted. All other cities, towns, and villages mentioned are located by their relationship to highlighted places.

Near Bederkesa is the former village of Lührsfelde which is not on the map. If you are interested in learning about it, other place names involving Lührs, and related topics, simply follow the link to Lührs Place Names. For information on the name Lührs itself, including spelling variations, link to The Name Lührs. The first documented use of an early form of the name Lührs was by Count Luder of Stade. We don't claim him as our ancestor, but you may want to learn a little more about him, as well as the Concept of a Lührs Progenitor.

If you just want to get to the genealogy, perhaps the place to start is the Index of all Names in the Database. Each name is spelled in the manner that was used in contemporary documents in the specific localities. Alternatively, you may wish to just browse through descendants in the Database of Lührs Family Associations, which begins with the Lührs progenitor we've postulated. Please note though, we have intentionally not included specific sources in this database. Use e-mail links to contact us for more detailed information, including sources. Likewise, there are no known living people listed in this website. Our family lines are usually truncated around the year 1900, but with complete generations included. This should permit all serious researchers to determine whether there are probable relationships between their lines and these without unnecessarily injecting privacy issues into our work and this website.

In memory of and appreciation for friends:

     Lomond Luhrs and George A. Luhrs

At present, active contributors to the project are: Bruce H. Luhrs, Judith Gray, Marjorie J. Luhrs, Tom Luhrs, Vic Berecz and Joan Luhrs Berecz.

For comments, suggestions, and information about joining the project

see links in individual family lines or  EmailSend E-mail to Bruce Luhrs   or   EmailSend E-mail to Tom Luhrs

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Names of people and dates/places of key events in their lives are extracted from public domain sources, and as such are not copyrightable. But, contributors to the Luhrs Family Associations project do claim copyrights to the organization of this data, notes it contains, and other "value-added" aspects of the database. Thus, excepting pages with separate copyright notices of specific project contributors, all pages in this website are:

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