In memory of and appreciation for friends:

Lomond Luhrs and George A. Luhrs

We were so very fortunate to have made friends with Lomond & George Luhrs during the 1990s when we were collecting a lot of new information on our Luhrs ancestors. They contributed a lot to our family histories. They inspired and motivated us.

Lomond visited the United States many times and it was a real pleasure to spend time with him. He was on a global mission to find all the Luhrs everywhere he traveled and make as many connections among them as he could.

We talked with George by phone and exchanged many emails. It was as though we'd known them both our whole lives. Lomond and George became very good friends as well, staying in contact over the years.

Lomond Oscar Luhrs
Born: 19th March 1919, Hamilton, Victoria, Australia
Passed away: 1st January 2014
Service: Royal Australian Air Force, No. 460 Squadron
Conflict Operation: Second World War, 1939-1945
Award: Distinguished Flying Cross, 1945
Citation: Forititude, courage and devotion on numerous operations

460-Squadron, Lomond Luhrs, age 26:
Lomond, 460 Squadron

Lomond in New Hampshire, meeting with various Luhrs families from all around New England, age 75:
Lomond, 1994

Lomond in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, age 78:
Lomond, 1997

ANZAC Day Tintinara, Australia -- 25 Apr 2012, age 93:
Lomond, ANZAC Day Tintinara 2012

George A. Luhrs
Sept. 30, 1926 - June 3, 2012
USS Oklahoma City - Chula Vista, CA, 1972-75,
*** MCPO - Command Master Chief, Assistant Navigator

George A. Luhrs

- Luhrs Family Association Osterbruch and Wischhafen branch contributors