First Generation


1. [Progenitor] LÜHRS/LÜERS/LUDERS . This unknown person represents the earliest progenitor of the Lührs/Lüers/Luders families of the north-eastern part of Lower Saxony ("Niedersachsen") in Germany. Both the "progenitor" and his "sons" are database artifacts created to support browsing of the combined family lines and to simplify creation of the combined indices.

The second generation listed here (as "sons" of the progenitor) are unknown persons from differing eras. They were created for this database to represent the "father" of each family line that is documented here. The spelling of the name was chosen to match the spelling used by the earliest documented ancestor in that line. After these "sons" come the Lührs descendants who have been documented by the several contributors. The information was gathered by various people from a variety of sources. Each used the degree of rigor they saw fit. Obviously, all the information presented here is not "guaranteed". It simply represents the best efforts of a group of amateur genealogists.  Also provided, for some of the family lines, is a page of additional information that focuses on pictures and emigration information.

The database has been "sanitized" by the website maintainer. Only full generations are included and, generations with living members were deleted. No persons listed are known to still be living. As a result, most people born in the 20th century are not included.  But, notes provided on the most recent generation, where possible, allude to those lines that are known to continue into this century or to have emigrated from Germany.

[Progenitor] LÜHRS/LÜERS/LUDERS had the following children:

                Database for this family                                 More info on this family

child 2. i.   [Father of Langwedel/Walle] LÜERS.     _________    Additional Langwedel/Walle Info
child 3. ii.   [Father of Loxstedt] LÜHRS.    ________________    Additional Loxstedt Info
child 4. iii.   [Father of Marschkamp/Ottersberg] LÜERS.
child 5. iv.   [Father of Osterbruch] LÜHRS.    _____________    Additional Osterbruch Info
child 6. v.   [Father of Osterende] LÜHRS.
child 7. vi.   [Father of Schnepke] LÜERS.
child 8. vii.   [Father of Soltau] LÜERS.    _____________    Additional Soltau Info
child 9. viii.   [Father of Stotel/Geestemunde] LÜERS.
child 10. ix.   [Father of Wilhelmshaven] LÜHRS.
child 11. x.   [Father of Wischhafen] LÜHRS.    _____________   Additional Wischhafen Info

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