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   Stotel/Geestemunde Branch
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9. [Father of Stotel/Geestemunde] LÜERS . This is a documented database researched by George A. Lührs, the son of  Georg Heinrich Lührs (1902-1971) . He is an active contributor to this project.

Stotel is a small town a few km south of Bremerhaven, on the Lune River. It is shown on the 1832 map. (Note: Bremerhaven did not yet exist in 1832. It was established shortly thereafter as the new seaport of Bremen, since the Weser River was silting up near Bremen itself.] Geestemunde is now the southern part of the city of Bremerhaven, and technically is not a part of the state of Lower Saxony, but rather part of the state of Bremen.

[Father of Stotel/Geestemunde] LÜERS had the following children:

child 19. i.   Lüer LÜERS.  

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