Third Generation

   Soltau Branch
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18. Hinrich LÜERS married Anna Maria RODEHORST, a widow (nee BISPING) on 11 Oct 1801, at St Johannis, Soltau, while living in Widingen, a village 7 kms west of Soltau, Germany. Anna Maria already had one daughter and one son from her first marriage. She died on 1 Feb 1823, at the age of 54.

Together, they had the following children:

child 35. i.   Hans Hinrich LÜERS (later known as Johann Heinrich LÜHRS) was born on 26 Sep 1808, in Widingen, near Soltau and died on 25 Oct 1863, in Light Pass, S.A., aged 55.
child 36. ii.   Catharine Engel LÜERS was born on 10 Dec 1811, in Emmhof, near Soltau.

This Lüers family information is from the St. Johannis Soltau church books.

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