Fifth Generation

   Loxstedt Branch
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49. Frederick LUHRS was born on 17 Dec 1855 in Adelaide, South Australia. He died on 18 June 1931 in Ballarat, Victoria.

He married Maria Sophia Albertina KOOP on 18 August 1886 in Edithburgh Lutheran Church, Victoria. She was born about 1867 and died in 1938 in Richmond, Victoria. Frederick LUHRS and Maria Sophia Albertina KOOP had the following children:

child 108. i.   Victor Albert LUHRS was born on 21 May 1888. He died on 24 Jun 1964 in South Australia. He married Charlotte Hope Finlayson on 19 March 1913 in Ballarat, Victoria and had 2 children.
child 109. ii.   Ethel May LUHRS was born on 24 September 1889. She died on 10 July 1913. She married Herbert Sudholz on 12 September 1911 and had one child.
child 110. iii.   Elsie LUHRS was born on 13 December 1891. She died on 23 July 1976 in Australia. She married John Roy Diprose on 18 October 1916 and had one child.
child 111. iv.   Oscar Roy LUHRS was born on 10 June 1896 in Lorquon, Victoria. He died on 26 Feb 1959 in Hamilton, Victoria. He married Charlotte Horner Donaldson Davidson on 28 April 1919 in Scotland and had 5 children. He farmed at Cavendish, Victoria on a property called "Westburn".

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