Fourth Generation

   Stotel/Geestemunde Branch
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37. Bohle LÜHRS was born in 1662 in Stotel, Germany. He died on 10 Jun 1720 in Stotel, Germany.

He was married to Anne HELMKEN on 19 Jun 1688 in Reepen, German. Anne HELMKEN died in 1707 in Stotel, Germany. She was born in Reepen, German. Bohle LÜHRS and Anne HELMKEN had the following children:

child 87. i.   Grete LÜHRS was born on 30 Mar 1690.
child 88. ii.   Lühr LÜHRS was born on 19 Oct 1693.
child 89. iii.   Gesche LÜHRS was born on 24 Sep 1696.
child 90. iv.   Ann Maria LÜHRS was born on 11 Jan 1699.

He was married to Gesche SPINCKEN on 16 Jun 1711 in Beverstedt, Germany. Gesche SPINCKEN was born in 1671 in Wehdel, Germany. She died on 20 Feb 1763 in Stotel, Germany. Bohle LÜHRS and Gesche SPINCKEN had the following children:

child 91. i.   Hinrich LÜHRS.

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