Eighth Generation

   Langwedel/Walle Branch
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206. Catherine Mette LÜHRS was born on 7 Oct 1809 in Langwedel bei Daverden, Hannover, GER. She died in 1849 in Springfield OH. She died of cholera, as did her daughter Henrietta, in the Spring of 1849 as the family began their move from Ohio to Illinois.

Catherine Mette LÜHRS and Gerhardt Ludolf STUMPF were married on 7 Nov 1830. Gerhardt Ludolf STUMPF was born on 14 Dec 1795 in Heerstedt bei Beverstedt, Hannover, GER. He died in 1853 in Shelbyville, IL. The Stumpf's emigrated to the U.S. in 1831, arriving in New York, and settling in Fairfield County, Ohio where they farmed 6 km from the town of Lancaster, with the Roessler and Möhring families. Catherine Mette LÜHRS and Gerhardt Ludolf STUMPF had the following children:

child 259. i.   Anna Metta STUMPF.
child 260. ii.   John STUMPF. was born in 1832 in Lancaster, OH.
child 261. iii.   Jonas STUMPF. was born in 1835 in Lancaster, OH. He died in Shelbyville, IL. He was a merchant who was married in 1859.
child 262. iv.   Elizabeth STUMPF.
child 263. v.   Frederick STUMPF. was born in 1840 in Lancaster, OH.
child 264. vi.   Henrietta STUMPF. was born about 1843 in Lancaster, OH. She died in Jul 1849 in Springfield OH. Died with her mother of cholera.
child 265. vii.   Sophie STUMPF. was born about 1845 in Lancaster, OH.

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